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Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Spiral. It’s a curve which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point. This is how “spiral” is characterized in mathematics and in general language. In cuisine, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila characterizes “spiral” in this manner: “Manila’s most fashionable eatery is a concept restaurant with multi-cuisine open cooking stations. Indoor and outdoor environments blend beautifully in the spacious, natural setting.” One rainy Saturday provided us a window to explore the Spiral. Continue reading Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

The New Kamameshi House (Japanese Cuisine)

Try Kamameshi rice, my friends recommended years ago when I ventured in Makati. I still hear, and sometimes use, the term “Kamameshi rice”, although this is redundant if you come to think of it. Kamameshi, which literally means “kettle rice”, is a traditional Japanese rice dish, with various toppings, cooked in an iron pot. So, because Kamameshi is a rice dish, it may be redundant to say “Kamameshi rice”. But redundancy is for English majors. It has absolutely no bearing to those who are hungry or those who seek Japanese food. Continue reading The New Kamameshi House (Japanese Cuisine)