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Recipes by Cafe Metro (Trinoma)

“Let’s it at recipes.” Huh? My eyebrows went up when I heard, when I asked where we’ll have lunch, that we’re going to eat at recipes. It was Recipes, not the common noun with a small “r”, but a proper noun with a big “R”. It’s the name of the restaurant — Recipes, by Cafe Metro. I haven’t heard any review from this restaurant and, from the the name alone, I purposely set the bar of my taste bud to low. I didn’t want to be disappointed, just in case. But I was mistaken. Very mistaken. Continue reading Recipes by Cafe Metro (Trinoma)

Enjoying Smoke Resto in Boracay

Boracay is all about the beach, the sand and the sun. You don’t go here to primarily to enjoy food because you could practically eat anything when you’re in an island-paradise. But even people picky with their food will find what they prefer to eat in Boracay. Almost all major food chains are here. Greek, Persian, European, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino and just about any palate grouping. You’ll find it in Boracay. Continue reading Enjoying Smoke Resto in Boracay

Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant in Baguio City

After the long trip, after surviving the sea of humanity that gladly left the metro to reflect and relax, we’re all back to reality. The very rare, very long weekend vacation is done. For those who came from Baguio, which new food place did you discover during the trip? Chances are, only a few discovered the Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant. Continue reading Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant in Baguio City