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Sapin-Sapin and Kakanin at Mommy’s

Filipinos love kakanin. Of course it may not be prudent to generalize but at least almost everyone we know swear to love kakanin. From sidewalks to shopping malls, you’ll see stalls selling kakanin. We’ve featured a few, including Rosalie’s and Arny-Dading, from suman lihiya to cassava cake. There’s one kakanin that we see only in Luzon, the sapin-sapin. Continue reading Sapin-Sapin and Kakanin at Mommy’s

Kakanin Heaven at Rosalie’s (Bulacan)

Wow! That’s the first word that came out of my (salivating) mouth when I stepped inside an enclosure that resembles a garage with steel grills from outside, but looks, smells and tastes like food heaven inside. The second word I uttered was: “Wow!” For some strange gastronomical reason I had the urge to dive into the sea of kakanin. If I did and got sued for it, I would definitely raise the defense of insanity brought about by sensory overload. Continue reading Kakanin Heaven at Rosalie’s (Bulacan)