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Photo of the Day: Counting Stars at Mt. Tabayoc (Kabayan, Benguet)

A week ago, the world (uhm, the Universe rather) witnessed a rare alignment of 5 planets — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. We thought the aligned planets will be visible to the naked eye. We were wrong. We didn’t see any planet, although we discovered that looking up too long, in the hope of seeing those planets, would give you a painful stiff neck. It would have been cool to see those planets (with or without Pluto). Not that it’s terribly disappointing. Watching the night sky is a joy in itself, one reason why we make it a point to drive out of the city every chance we get. It’s really hard to see the stars in the city — even if the sky is clear, there’s too much distraction around, and we bet our travelling foot that you hardly remember to look up at night in order to check out the stars. It’s a different story outside the city. The stars, and all forgotten elements of nature, demand to be noticed. That’s more pronounced as you go farther away, like, say, Mt. Tabayoc in the municipality of Kabayan, Benguet. Look at this awesome shot by rhyjoe (a mechanical engineer / hiker / traveller; check his Instagram account, @rhyjoe). Just you, the post, and the stars. Lovely! Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Counting Stars at Mt. Tabayoc (Kabayan, Benguet)