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Photo of the Day: Jollibee Kulit

Not many fastfood chains anywhere in the world can claim local market dominance against foreign brands like MacDonald’s. One of those strong brands is, you guessed it, Jollibee of the Philippines. While others argue that it’s all about the food — Jollibee knows the sweet side of the Filipinos’ palate — we think a small slice of that market share has something to do with the mascot. We’ve seen Jollibee work its charm in parties and, we tell you, he’s one happy dynamo, always a good dancer (see “best dance crew“) with a good sense of humor. What’s the English equivalent of makulit? Here’s Jollibee, courtesy of Ranell Dedicatoria (ranellmartin), most likely having jumped on that counter top and ringing that bell (click photo to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Jollibee Kulit

Best Dance Crew: Jollibee

Filipinos can dance — a few examples would be Jabbawockeez and, lately, the A-Team. Filipinos can sing — Pinoys are born with a golden microphone. There is, in fact, a show about the singing bee. But have you seen a dancing bee? A really awesome dancing bee? We’ve talked about the jolly red bee we Filipinos (and, yes, foreigners) call Jollibee. We’ve even featured the showdown between Jollibee and KFC mascots. Really, there are reasons why McDo can’t beat Jollibee in the Philippines. Perhaps one is dancing? Here’s the video: Continue reading Best Dance Crew: Jollibee