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Baler (Aurora) Itinerary and Surfing Adventure

Baler is in our travel bucket list for one simple reason — surfing and the good vibe that goes with this sport. We’re not surfers. We’re simply curious about the huge interest in Baler’s surfing scene. We’ve long resolved to cover Baler, almost eight years from the time we finally found the right time and the perfect reason — the perfect storm, if you will — to go there. It was a few days after a strong storm, Typhoon Lando, hit Baler. Here’s our trip itinerary and story (we’ve sandwiched the helpful information, tips and suggestions in the text of the article, just for fun). Continue reading Baler (Aurora) Itinerary and Surfing Adventure

15 Tips for your Batanes Travel

We’ve finally visited one of the places in our Philippine bucket list, Batanes, an absolutely gorgeous province consisting of a few islands (for starters, see the 12 Ordinary Things that Look Gorgeous in Batanes). Before heading out to Batanes, we had some notions on what it would look like and what we should expect; confirmed a few and reconsidered most of those Batanes notions. We thought we’d share our realizations with the VisitPinas community: Continue reading 15 Tips for your Batanes Travel

Itinerary for Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Camiguin

A long weekend is coming up. For those planning to take a 4-day vacation to Cagayan de Oro — Bukidnon — Camiguin, allow us to share our itinerary. We’ve gone this route as part of our VisitPinas advocacy and, incidentally, to experience first-hand the route. This way, we’d better assist travelers over at GoTravelBliss Tours (see disclosure). Continue reading Itinerary for Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Camiguin

Laguna Loop: Historical Tour and Visita Iglesia

We’ve noted in the previous post on visita iglesia in Bicol and Ilocos that the Holy Week (semana santa or cuaresma), specifically Maundy Thursday, is the traditional time for visita iglesia (church visit). Some visit seven churches, while those with more time cover fourteen churches. One of the popular pilgrimage and visita iglesia destination is the Laguna Loop, a series of churches in churches surrounding the Laguna Lake. We’ve taken a tour of these churches. Here’s the itinerary. Hopefully it would be of help to others. Continue reading Laguna Loop: Historical Tour and Visita Iglesia

Itinerary from Manila to Bicol (Legaspi and Donsol)

Summer vacation. Perfect time to go on a road trip, whether down to the beach or up to Baguio. Sure, taking the plane is more comfortable, but taking the car could be fun. Those who prefer the beach may go to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Subic, Batangas, Pagudpud or other great Philippine beaches. How about going to the beach, seeing Mayon Volcano, and swimming with butanding (whale sharks) in one trip? That, my dear bakasyonista, would lead you to a 550-kilometer journey from Manila to Bicol  (550 kilometers, more or less). Continue reading Itinerary from Manila to Bicol (Legaspi and Donsol)

VisitPinas Itinerary for a 3-day Ilocos Trip

The itinerary for Ilocos. We’ve lightly touched this matter in various articles but never found the time to paint the entire picture. This is long overdue especially considering that the Legaspi/Donsol itinerary is already done even before the planned trip. Like the Donsol land trip, Ilocos is an adventure by its sheer distance alone. The end of the trip, in Pagudpud, brought us practically to the end of the major Philippine land mass (there’s Batanes, but that’s an island outside of Luzon). Continue reading VisitPinas Itinerary for a 3-day Ilocos Trip