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The Historical Barasoain Church (Bulacan)

The Philippines has just celebrated Independence Day, June 12. The primary place of celebration is, as it should be, in Kawit (Cavite). This is where the Declaration of Independence was made by General Emilio Aguinaldo, and where the existing form of the Philippine flag was also unfurled for the first time, on 12 June 1898. Continue reading The Historical Barasoain Church (Bulacan)

Pasong Diego-Gabriela Silang (Santa, Ilocos Sur)

“That’s where Gabriela Silang was hanged,” said a friend referring to a spot somewhere along the national highway in Santa, Ilocos Sur. The place overlooks the sea, with what looks like a historical marker erected beside the road. It is indeed a marker, although painted gold, the only one we’ve seen, in contrast to the usual historical marker with white letters and black background. On the other hand, it turned out that this is not the place where Gabriela Silang was hanged. Continue reading Pasong Diego-Gabriela Silang (Santa, Ilocos Sur)

Independence Day: Philippine Holiday

A crowd was waiting outside the home, located in Kawit, Cavite, of General Emilio Aguinaldo. It was 12 June 1898. Jose Rizal, who later became the national hero, was executed by the Spaniards two years earlier. Andres Bonifacio, another great son of the revolution, was also executed a year earlier, but this time by fellow Filipinos. All of them were fighting for the Philippines. Continue reading Independence Day: Philippine Holiday