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Photo of the Day: Sunrise at Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte)

Sunrise is just the other side of the coin’s sunset, both bringing a happy balance to life. As we noted in a previous article: “Maybe this is how we should look at life. The last moments of the sun, before the day ends, is bursting with color and beauty. Soon the sunlight will be no more. Darkness sets in. But we see no sadness in that. It’s beauty meant to be celebrated, lived to the fullest, fleshing out to what we say about sucking out all the marrow of life. It’s a source of hope that the sun will rise again, and day breaks with renewed vigor, and life begins. Every beginning is a step towards greater things.” Sunsets, we have lots of those. We had an entire article just for sunsets (The Beautiful Sunset of Calatagan). The Photo of the Day category has quite a number of sunset photos (Boracay, Puerto Galera, Zamboanga, Mactan and Balesin). Sunrise, on the other hand, is terribly under-represented here. One of the few sunrise purposely sought by people, at least the one we know, is the breathtaking sunrise of Mt. Pulag. We’ll add another one, this photo of the sunrise in Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte), captured by Karl Olivier, a UP alumnus, speech pathologist, blogger, movie reviewer, book and music lover, PWD advocate, marathoner, and explorer (follow his Instagram account, @karl_olivier). It’s difficult not to go mad, and dabble in the weird meaning-of-life stuff, after looking at this gorgeous photo. It’s like somebody out there, a Higher Being perhaps, has decided to celebrate life by exploding an intensely inspirational hue up in the sky, reflected and heightened on the serene surface of the sea. The good thing about it is, it’s done every day, and it’s free. The sad thing about it is, many of us are too busy to even notice. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Sunrise at Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte)

New Year Fireworks: More Fun in the Philippines

We’ve seen this amateur video — recorded in Metro Manila (Philippines, of course) when the clock struck 12 ushering in the New Year — immediately after it was posted in youtube, but didn’t repost it here. Not until now, anyway. The reason? We can’t decide whether we should be happy or sad about this sight. On one hand (no pun intended), we feel a lot of discomfort with the thought of injuries and pollution, among others, that surely come after the dust settles (or, more properly, after the fireworks smoke settles). On the other hand, there’s a weird side of us which is highly amused, giggling, at the sight of the non-stop explosions in EVERY part of the metro. The only other sight of fireworks that sufficiently moved us to write a post here in VisitPinas was the gold medal finish of the Philippines during the 2013 international fireworks competition (see video). Anyway, going back, let us know what you think of this kind of [fun] madness when it comes to New Year big bang, Philippine-style. There’s nothing like this in the whole world, we’ve heard. First, watch this video. Continue reading New Year Fireworks: More Fun in the Philippines

Pyronale Berlin 2013: Dragon Fireworks (Philippines) brings home Gold

We’ve seen this spectacular display of what Filipinos can do. We’ve watched it again and again. And, well, we’ve lost count. This is the gold-winning fireworks display of the Philippines’ own, Dragon Fireworks. This is the Pyronale 2013 at Berlin, Germany, an international competition. Here’s the video. Be amazed: Continue reading Pyronale Berlin 2013: Dragon Fireworks (Philippines) brings home Gold