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Must be Mom’s Ensaymaditas

Couples normally argue. And one of the juicy source of discussion is food. Let’s take for example my (inconsiderate) experience. A couple of times I’d say the food prepared by my significant other tastes, well, significantly different from what my mom used to prepare. This is inconsiderate, I suppose, but I tried to say it in a good way (then again, how good could you say it without hearing a mouthful from your spouse?). Continue reading Must be Mom’s Ensaymaditas

Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)

In every place you go in the Philippines, there’s bound to be a food specialty closely associated with that place. Otap and lechon of Cebu. Durian of Davao. Piyaya of Iloilo. Buko Pie on the way from Tagaytay. Binagol and moron from Tacloban. Ube jam from Baguio. Balut of Pateros. The list is endless. These food and delicacies immediately jump off your taste buds when those places are mentioned. Continue reading Inipit de Leche (Bulacan) and Pastel (Camiguin)

Halo-Halo Haven: Razon’s

The Filipino word “halo” means “mix” in English, so if we’re to be literal about it, “halo-halo” means “mix-mix”. But just like the interplay of the fully separate and completely distinguishable ingredients of halo-halo, it’s hardly possible to be literal about this food. The final product — the halo-halo — is way more than the sum of all its ingredients. It’s like carbon to diamond. Continue reading Halo-Halo Haven: Razon’s