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Dinosaurs Island in Clark, Pampanga

Name three dinosaurs that you know. Quick! Let me guess — you named some of the common dinosaurs: T.Rex, Triceratops and the Velociraptor. These dinosaurs have been popularized by that amazing 1993 movie, Jurassic Park. Imagine these dinosaurs (and more) are moving, roaring at the top of their lungs, and you can interact with them, face to face, in an enclosed location that resembles Jurassic Park? If that’s a tad difficult to imagine, then better visit the Dinosaurs Island. Continue reading Dinosaurs Island in Clark, Pampanga

The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island

The stars of Dinosaurs Island, as the very name of this must-visit destination suggests, are the dinosaurs. While we have a separate post on the Dinosaurs Island (located at Clark, Pampanga), these dinosaur-stars deserve no less than their very own post. An introduction of sorts (the descriptions quoted here are only portions of what you can read onsite). Here are some of the dinosaurs you’ll encounter at the Dinosaurs Island: Continue reading The Dinosaur-stars of Dinosaurs Island