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Matamis na Sampalok (Sweet Tamarind)

Sometimes it’s more fun to go with the flow rather than overthink something. For instance, there’s no special reason why we’re posting an article about the ordinary sampalok (yes, that’s the same plant used for sinampalukang manok, but you use the leaf for that; you use the fruit for the minatamis o matamis na sampalok, or simply sampalok). Maybe because it has been a long time since we came across sweet tamarind. We happily found some in a pasalubong corner on the way back to Manila from Baguio. Continue reading Matamis na Sampalok (Sweet Tamarind)

Campita’s Broas (Lady Fingers) of Lucban

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of Lucban? Yes, that’s the one in Quezon Province. And yes, it’s the home of the kiping and the famous Pahiyas Festival celebrated every May, but what comes to mind after that? Uhm, yes, the pansit habhab and Buddy’s Restaurant probably comes next, but what comes after that? Well, you won’t probably get to what we’re trying to point to. We didn’t have a clue, either. Until we received a can of Campita’s Broas (lady fingers). We’ve been to Lucban and visited the Pahiyas Festival but we didn’t notice that broas is a Lucban delicacy. Continue reading Campita’s Broas (Lady Fingers) of Lucban