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Crab n’ Crew Restobar (Quezon City)

In a culinary world, we are barbarians. Don’t get us wrong; we love fine food prepared by awesome chefs, but, deep down our primitive guts, we like to get our hands dirty with some serious seafood. We won’t hesitate to relocate to some distant seafood-rich island, perhaps the seafood capital down the middle of the Philippines, just in case we win the lotto. Until that happens, we’d stay pretty much contented with whatever seafood we can find in the city. Continue reading Crab n’ Crew Restobar (Quezon City)

Dampa (Seafood Paluto Restaurants, Pasay City)

Dampa is a Filipino word which basically means a “hut”. More of a nipa hut, to be exact. But if we use dampa in conjunction with fresh seafood, it connotes a row of restaurants that cook fresh seafood according to the wishes of the guests. The kicker? Fresh seafood is conveniently sold in nearby stalls, directly handpicked by the guests. If Mactan/Cebu has sutokil, Metro Manila has its dampa. Continue reading Dampa (Seafood Paluto Restaurants, Pasay City)