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Come Fly With Me: Philippine Travel Stories

The advent of budget airlines has greatly increased world travel. Airline tickets are now more affordable, more so if we consider the tricks how to maximize rewards and frequent travel miles. Low cost means more savings. It’s now cheaper for people to get in an airplane. But when we speak of flight in VisitPinas, you know very well that we’re not talking about your usual airport rampa. We’re going to get creative with your Philippine travel stories, through your VisitPinas-tagged photos in Instragram. So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight. Continue reading Come Fly With Me: Philippine Travel Stories

Photo of the Day: Long-Legged Philippines

We know that Dahilayan is lovelier because of its pine trees that can,  in the not too distant future, rival Baguio (making the zipline experience more magical).  While we know that the giraffes in the Philippines are found in the Calauit safari in Palawan, we didn’t know that there are replicas of these long-legged creatures in Dahilayan. It’s really a very lovely place (you guys should include it in your travel bucket list). So what happens when a traveler — like cozitsmeshiera, with her lovely photo featured here — decides to challenge the slender pine trees and the long-legged giraffes to a fun, uhm, stand-off? Here, check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Long-Legged Philippines

Nature and Excitement at Dahilayan Eco Adventure Park (Bukidnon)

“Cagayan de Oro’s favorite destination.” This tagline appears in Dahilayan’s website, which we accessed when this article was posted. We’ve visited Dahilayan’s physical location before we’ve dropped by its website, and the experience (physical location before the website) is akin to watching a movie after reading the book (from which the movie is based). As the usual case, the movie hardly does justice to the book’s rich details and story. The website does not even come close to the beauty of Dahilayan Eco Adventure Park, which is a good thing. Allow us to tell you why. Continue reading Nature and Excitement at Dahilayan Eco Adventure Park (Bukidnon)

White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro

This post has gone through a number of revisions, a useless piece of information unless someone actually reads this. In a sense this is good, as nobody would notice the typos and grammatical errors in the first few drafts. No two versions were the same after the first few days of posting, though from this obvious difficulty a memorable quote came to light: “You cannot step into the same river twice.” You may not know that this is a quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. You may not know its meaning. And if you’re still trying to figure out its relevance, here goes: “No two runs are the same at the CDO whitewater rafting.”

Scared to try whitewater rafting? Continue reading White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro