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Photo of the Day: Surprise!

This door evokes the awe that guests must have felt when standing before castles, something made vivid by movies like Lord of the Rings and more TV shows like Game of Thrones. Guest would probably have little idea what lies at the other side of the imposing physical door. This door does not belong to a castle, but a Philippine hotel, the Crowne Plaza, certainly not the newest and the top-rated hotel, but with an impressive door nonetheless. This door, in a metaphorical sense, represents the excitement one feels, perhaps like Chat Agustin (@chattycharm), who happens to be a perioperative nurse (from that designation alone, we’re almost sure that she’ll be ready to face whatever lies at the other side of the door), a wanderlust and a watercolor painter (probably thinking of splashing colors on that drab door?), when confronted with the unknown. It represents an appetite for a certain degree of risk, a must-have for any traveler/explorer. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Surprise!