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Cocoon Boutique Hotel (Quezon City)

There’s the story about how an ugly, slow caterpillar transforms into a beautiful, graceful butterfly. We know how the story goes. We know how the caterpillar eats its heart out in an eat-all-you-can vegetarian buffet, then “sleeps” inside “somewhere” (or “something”), while it is magically transformed into a butterfly. And if the process of this transformation is called metamorphosis, what’s the name of that “somewhere” where the metamorphosis happens? Continue reading Cocoon Boutique Hotel (Quezon City)

Abuela’s Coffeeshop (Cocoon Boutique Hotel)

Those who’ve grown up with the home-cooked meals, cooked with love by mom, would always take that meal as the standard by which to gauge any meal, even those cooked by chefs. Moms probably got the recipe, and the taste, from lola. And so we have lola’s cooking as the standard. So if you hear of a restaurant named Abuela’s (Spanish for “lola”), it’s easy to assume that the food must be good. Continue reading Abuela’s Coffeeshop (Cocoon Boutique Hotel)

Swimming Pool of Cocoon Boutique Hotel

A hotel’s swimming pool has its unique pull on certain guests. The fact that Cocoon Boutique Hotel has a pool made us decide to visit it over the long weekend. Now, there are reasons why we’re writing separately on the swimming pool of Cocoon Boutique Hotel. There are reasons why we’re writing this article ahead of the main article for this unassuming yet sophisticated hotel somewhere in the heart of Quezon City. Continue reading Swimming Pool of Cocoon Boutique Hotel