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The Creative Uses of a Coconut Tree: Philippines Travel Photos

A coconut tree is also called the Tree of Life because of the variety of its use, itemized in a song, Da Coconut Nut. So, yes, “there are so many uses of the coconut tree, you can build a bigger house for the family,” just some of the uses. If you visit the Philippines, you’ll find that coconut trees are everywhere, as abundant as the smiles and hospitality of Filipinos. Let’s explore some of the travel uses of a coconut tree, plucked from Instagram photos of the community, with our tag or with #visitpinas. Continue reading The Creative Uses of a Coconut Tree: Philippines Travel Photos

Dining with a View in the Philippines: Photos of the Day

It’s amazing how food nowadays is enjoyed in two different levels — in the stomach and in social media. Admit it, you take a photo of your food before diving in. We also do that (in our defense, how can we post those lovely photos if we don’t snap a shot before the first bite?). Food can be an experience by itself or it can be a part of a bigger experience. Here are some of the photos we found, most tagged with #visitpinas in Instagram, of how food is enjoyed, with a view, on some random day in the Philippines. Continue reading Dining with a View in the Philippines: Photos of the Day

Photo of the Day: Fresh Coconut

The Philippines is the top producer of coconuts in the whole world (well, No. 1 or No. 2 depending on the list), which simply means, aside from the fact that the top producers of coconut water flock to this country, that Filipinos know how “fresh” looks and tastes like when it comes to coconuts. We find it hard to believe any bottle or container which has “fresh” written on it. If you want fresh coconut, you eat the fruit immediately after being harvested from the coconut tree. You don’t really need a spoon or any utensil. You fashion a device, right out of the coconut husk, that you use to scrape and scoop the coco meat, the same device you use like a spoon. How about the coco water, you ask? Well, no need for a cup or glass. A true coconut connoisseur knows how to slice a small hole through the husk/shell before opening the coconut in half. Anyway, we find it pleasantly amusing to see the biodegradable “device” — fashioned out of the coconut itself — from the instagram account of a fashion designer / fashion stylist, Jessica Joy Juaño (j4juano). And what’s better than eating really fresh coconut (we call “buko”)? Eating the coconut on a white beach somewhere in the Philippines. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Fresh Coconut

Photo of the Day: Coconut in Paradise

We don’t know why, but we find a simple sight — like a coconut aimlessly floating in the sea– absolutely interesting. And beautiful. Perhaps it’s about the thought of how amazing it is for coconuts to float across oceans and grow in a small island in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps it’s the parallelism of how, in the greater scheme of things, our lives reflect the randomness of the coconut’s fate (except for the fact that coconuts don’t make decisions). Perhaps it’s because this particular coconut, here immortalized in a photo snapped by CJ (carmen_jean25, a lady who loves coffee and art, and hopes to write and illustrate books someday), is floating near an island that was formally recognized as the best in the world earlier this year: Palawan. Or perhaps it’s all about the strong sense of wonder that is common among fellow wanderers, the same outlook that enables wanderers to find happiness in the journey itself and not only the destination. We can’t really put a finger on it, as we said. Here, look at this photo (click photo to enlarge) and tell us what comes through YOUR mind: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Coconut in Paradise

Photo of the Day: Beach, Coconuts and Boracay

Her heart, according to Aiza Aericka Benavidez (aizabenavidez) when she posted this photo of the coconut-framed beach of Station 1 in Boracay, is happy. We’ll, we can’t really argue with her. Bring us to Boracay, even with all its faults that have been pointed out by almost anyone, and we’ll still be happy (and we have the reasons why we still love Boracay). There are millions of photos of Boracay, one of the best beaches, if not the best beach, in the whole universe (ok, the whole world) but theres something different with this photo (click to enlarge), we thought. Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean, then looking out to see coconut trunks framing the Boracay beach — it looks like a jail cell, with the Boracay beach sitting quietly behind bars, with nowhere to go. Now, isn’t that a lovely thought — the world’s best beach stuck with you. Here’s the photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Beach, Coconuts and Boracay