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Me, Myself and my Selfie Stick: Philippine Travel Stories

The selfie stick. Banned in many crowded places for safety reasons. It won’t be necessary to ban the selfie stick if it’s not ubiquitous, and it won’t be ubiquitous unless it has an excellent purpose. You see, the selfie stick serves an important role in this era of social media — you can take your own photo without asking anyone for assistance or, in case of a groufie, without leaving anyone out of the photo. Continue reading Me, Myself and my Selfie Stick: Philippine Travel Stories

Photo of the Day: Tayak Lagoon

An infinity pool, a type of swimming pool that is becoming the fad these days, is carefully designed to achieve a seemless transition between the water of the pool and the surrounding vista, usually the sea and the sky. It’s beautiful, yes, but it also costs a lot of money to create. If you want to experience something more awesome that was created for free, but counts a lot of centuries to get this beautiful, you head to the many nature destinations of the Philippines. Take, for instance, a uniquely-named lagoon, Tayak Lagoon, found in a weirdly-named but sexy-sounding place, Caramoan (Camarines Sur). No, my dear, it’s not “ka-ra-mown;” it’s “ka-ra-mo-wan.” In Tayak Lagoon, the serene waters reflect the rock wall and the sky. We haven’t been there, and we surely love to go one of these days, but there are a lot of fellow travelers who have visited this sanctuary and came back with awesome photos. One lucky lady is Jane, a wanderbug from the Philippines, now based in the sunny side Abu Dhabi, UAE (check her Instagram gallery for more photos). They had to do a “bit” of walking, she said, before they got to Tayak Lagoon. We have a sneaky feeling that her statement about the “bit” of walking is an understatement, but it’s definitely something we look foward to undertake in the near future. It’s always fun to discover, no matter how challenging the path is, the kind of nature’s showcase waiting for us at the end of the journey. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Tayak Lagoon

Your Bet on the Best Philippine Beach

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has some of its beaches in the best beaches of the world. There’s also no doubt that Boracay is in that list, although many beaches have given Boracay a run for its money (definitely Palawan, Camiguin, Panglao, Zambales, and other places we’re sure you’ll tell us). So since it’s summer, you’ll most likely head out for some sand and sea. We’d like to know which beach is your best bet. Continue reading Your Bet on the Best Philippine Beach