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Photo of the Day: Hide and Seek, Butanding

Remember your childhood, playing all sorts of crazy games? If you recall traditional games or “parlor games” like patintero, you’re most likely a child of the 80s and below. If your recollection of crazy games involves an electronic gadget, from cellphones and tablets and PS4, you’re probably a millenial, also known as a hi-tech couch potato. In any case, we’d like to believe that anyone with a fun childhood knows hide and seek. It’s really easy — everybody hides, one unlucky soul seeks everyone (or mom hides the cookies, you go figure out where it’s stashed). And in the game of hide and seek, there’s always one kid who’s too “healthy” for his own good, who’d stick out no matter how he tries to squeeze himself in some corner or behind the curtain. It’s an easy find, really; easier to hide a huge cargo truck from the traffic enforcers. Continue reading Photo of the Day: Hide and Seek, Butanding