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5 Reasons Why We (Still) Love Boracay

So much has been written about Boracay, recognized as one of the BEST beaches in the world (yes, that’s a bit modest, because Boracay has been dubbed, in more than one occasion, as THE best beach in the world). And because we can’t speak for everyone, we’ll give (at least) five reasons why we still love Boracay. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why We (Still) Love Boracay

Aria Cucina Italiana in Boracay

The Aria Cucina Italiana, or simply ARIA, is “arguably the most popular and sought-after restaurant in Boracay since it’s inception in 2003.” Not only that. To bring the heat to another level, “a trip to one of the world’s most famous beach destinations is never complete without a visit to ARIA.” And those are not our words. Those are the statements of Aria itself. So the last time we went to Boracay, we dropped by Aria. Continue reading Aria Cucina Italiana in Boracay

Enjoying Smoke Resto in Boracay

Boracay is all about the beach, the sand and the sun. You don’t go here to primarily to enjoy food because you could practically eat anything when you’re in an island-paradise. But even people picky with their food will find what they prefer to eat in Boracay. Almost all major food chains are here. Greek, Persian, European, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino and just about any palate grouping. You’ll find it in Boracay. Continue reading Enjoying Smoke Resto in Boracay

Boracay: The World’s Best Island

We’ve previously noted that Boracay is noted as one of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. We’ve always considered Boracay an island paradise. Boracay didn’t make it to the top spot back then, but this time is different — Boracay has been voted as No. 1 in the Top 10 Islands for 2012. Continue reading Boracay: The World’s Best Island

Island Cool at Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant, Boracay Island

Fruit shake. You’ll find it almost anywhere, even in your friendly neighborhood food center. In the world-famous island of Boracay, you’ll find it in almost every restaurant. But what’s so special with this particular fruit shake, served in this small restaurant beside the white-sand beach of Boracay? Continue reading Island Cool at Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant, Boracay Island

Silent Night, Boracay

Each of us touched by Boracay has a special memory about this beach paradise. For non-divers, it could be the amazement of feeding fish while floating in the middle of the sea. It could be the fine white sand or various water (and air?) sports like the jet ski, banana boat ride and parasailing. It could even be as simple as the fresh seafood, the great fruit shakes or the sand castles with lighted candles inside. Continue reading Silent Night, Boracay

Parasailing in Boracay Island

The Boracay breeze must have frozen my brain that morning . . . or maybe it was the Jona’s watermelon shake . . . or maybe it was my desire to check out the gorgeous bodies littered along the entire beachfront all at the same time. I was rather surprised how calm I was when I decided to tempt fate and go para-sailing. I did not even think twice; well, I stopped for a moment to consider the cost. . . seems unreasonable because you go up for under fifteen minutes only…but heck, it’s not everyday that I get this chance. Continue reading Parasailing in Boracay Island