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Boracay, Naptime is More Fun in the Philippines: Photo of the Day

There are thousands of reasons to love Boracay, and we’ve given at least five (see 5 Reasons why We [Still] Love Boracay). One more reason to fall in love with Boracay, apparently taken to heart by Diane Cornejo in her photo below (check her Instagram acount, @fancytea, for more photos), is the chance — without anyone bothering you — to simply sprawl on the white sand and take a nap. We tried it once, although we can’t remember if it was in an inebriated state when we had to crawl to the beach and wash the hangover away. Doesn’t really matter, does it? As we noted before, despite the sea of humanity flocking to this Aklan island, “it’s surprising that tourists can basically lie down on the beach as if no one is there. Get a towel, spread it somewhere on the beach and enjoy sunbathing. We Filipinos have a street phrase for it — walang basagan ng trip.” Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Boracay, Naptime is More Fun in the Philippines: Photo of the Day

Yellow Beach at Jomalig Island, Quezon: Photo of the Day

If you ask to see a beach in the Philippines, it’s hardly enough to quote it in a generic manner — each beach in the Philippines has its own personality. Of course, if you haven’t been to the Philippines, you’ll probably think of the powder-white sand of Boracay, Coron, Panglao or the sandbars. But once you’ve get to know this archipelagic nation, you’ll realize that you have to be more specific as to the kind of beach you wish to visit. You see, we have more than white beaches. There are black beaches, also with fine sand and clear blue waters. We have pink beaches. We have a yellow beach, as shown in this photo by Neon Ibanez (check his Instagram acount, @neonbytesxx, for more photos) in Jomalig Island, Quezon province. Now that you know, go ahead and enjoy! Beautiful it is, Philippines. Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Yellow Beach at Jomalig Island, Quezon: Photo of the Day

Boracay Nights: Photo of the Day

Imagine an island, with white-flour sand gleaming under the year-round embrace of the tropical sun, with its crystal clear waters overflowing with happiness enough for all who wish to enjoy paradise. It’s called Boracay. And at night, as darkness sets in, expected to dim the scene and douse the energy of everyone, the beach gently glows in lazy warm-yellow glow emanting from under the coconut trees. The party is just starting. Wish we’re in Boracay right now. Good thing we can see it through the lens of Oliver Gumboc (check his Instagram account, @whereisoyi for other photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

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Paraw, Sunset, Beach, Beauty, Boracay: Photo of the Day

We’ve featured a lot of stories and photos about the gorgeous Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world (the Philippines has more than one beach listed among the world’s best beaches, in case you want to explore more). But we’ll never get tired of admiring its beauty. We’re in awe even if we see the same views, even better if the same beauty is captured in another perspective. Like this shot of the paraw (outrigger) and the sunset of Boracay, courtesy of Emma Dougan, who is currently in the Philippines, fulfilling her dream of traveling Asia and working around the world (visit her instagram site, edougan91, for other beautiful photos). Click photo to enlarge. Continue reading Paraw, Sunset, Beach, Beauty, Boracay: Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: Banana Boat Ride of Boracay

There are boats, then there are banana boats. You can have a banana boat ride in a lot of places, but there’s only one Boracay banana boat ride. This one holds a special place in our hearts because Boracay was our first banana boat ride ever, back when the terms “film” and “roll” were still relevant to photography. Even until today, Boracay exudes a certain aura that blankets the entire place, infusing every soul within its island vibe that bumps up the adrenaline level. Heck, even zombies will come alive in Boracay. Now, let’s check this photo by Aiza Bacani (check her account in Instagram, @aizabacs). Here she is, with that ear-to-ear smile (wait, how do you call a smile, 100 times over?). We would have wanted to take our photo just like that, but we always end up like the lady at her back. All we do is grab that banana boat handle and hold on for dear life. Ah, brings back memories of extreme Boracay fun. One of the reasons why we take time to update the Daily Photos. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Banana Boat Ride of Boracay

Photo of the Day: Immersed in Boracay Sunset

We’ve said this before and we’ll say this again: Boracay is one of our few favorite beach destinations. This island-paradise is overflowing with experience — the sun, the sand, the fun, the party, the island vibe. If you zone out the maddening crowd for a few seconds, the whole Boracay experience becomes one beautiful sensory overload. It’s beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. And the Boracay sunset? Surreal. This photo, courtesy of Jade Sadugas — a cake artist/ chef de cuisine, speciality pastry chef in UAE, CreoleCakes owner, photographer, painter, marketing manager, SEO and senior financial analyst (check her Instagram account, @chefjade for more photos), reflects what we would do — capture the sunset so we can bring it home. On some rainy days, while looking at the photos, you don’t remember the shot; you remember the experience. You remember the warmth of the Boracay sun as it floods your skin with a million happy memories. You feel the wonderful feeling rushing back. And this is why this photo derserves to be here. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Immersed in Boracay Sunset

Photo of the Day: Life Jacket

We’re back! Did you guys miss us? If yes, well, we miss you, too. If no, we’ll, we’re still back, baby! Adult life has its challenges, you see, and inasmuch as we want to immerse ourselves in this online world — promoting the Philippines and inviting, at the top of our lungs, everyone to come visit the 7,101 islands — there are responsibilities we have to attend to. Just like you, perhaps? Travel, on the other hand, is always a happy therapy that smacks you back to your senses. It’s funny how life summons the waves and, at the same time, throws a life vest at you (remember this ubiquitous orange life jacket when crossing from Caticlan to Boracay?). But it’s fun, yes? It’s time to pick up where we left off — picking your beautiful photos of and about the gorgeous Philippines. Ready? We are! See you folks around. Click the photo to enlarge: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Life Jacket

Photo of the Day: The Air Up in Boracay

It’s difficult not to fall in love with Boracay. The main draw is the beach, of course, coupled with an endless array of attractions, including cliff jumping, the mermaid academy, and the 24/7 party atmosphere. The options are endless. There are activities to satisfy the party animals, the outdoors buff, the spa addicts, beach bums, energetic kids; practically everyone, even those who wish to do soul searching. And there’s parasailing. We’d go out on a limb and say that you haven’t been to Boracay if you haven’t done parasailing. We tried to describe how it feels to float high above the white-sand paradise called Boracay, but it seems a photograph is better suited to relay the emotions, like this photo by Charmilyn Mamaradlo (miaischarm3718). Click photo to enlarge:

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Photo of the Day: Philippines 101

The very first time we saw Miguel de Dios‘ (autumnedout) photo of a Philippine map wonderfully presented on the world-renowned Boracay sand, we thought we have discovered a creative tool to aid students in learning geography. A eureka moment, really. Geography is not the most exciting subject in school, truth be told (especially considering that our politicians make our student lives more miserable by constantly rearranging boundaries to suit their sphere of influence). It’s not an excuse not to learn, of course, but imagine how much more exciting it is for kids to learn geography by requiring them to PLAY on a beach and create a relief map of the Philippines. It doesn’t have to be in Boracay — the Philippines is gifted with 7,107 beautiful islands that host world-class beaches. Just a playful thought, but imagine if we can find a way to have that, then someone won’t be dedicating this photo to his “geography teacher who said I didn’t have it in me.” Right, Miguel? =) Here’s the cool photo (click photo to enlarge):

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Photo of the Day: Photobomber of the Century

We don’t know if the concept of a photobomber is relatively new. Heck, we’re not even sure if it’s spelled as one word (photobomber) or two words (photobomb-er; kidding, photo bomber), so let’s just agree to use photobomber. From time to time, we see our friends complain in social media about a photobomber in a photo or two (it’s likely that you have been a “victim” of a photobomber). We recently came across a happy “victim” (the lovely Feiqueen Gunsatao, feiqueen89) of an unlikely photobomber — a fish, a not-so-shy Boracay fish. Here, check her cool photo: Continue reading Photo of the Day: Photobomber of the Century