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Edge of the Pacific at Biri Rock Formation: Photo of the Day

The Pacific Ocean; the largest ocean in the world, birthplace of typhoons, and home of the deepest part of any body of water, the Marianas Trench. If you can’t imagine the raw power that comes out of the Pacific Ocean, just remember the strongest recorded typhoon to have hit land, Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan), which hit the Philippines some time ago. Now imagine if you’re a piece of rock protruding at the edge of the Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean and receiving the brunt of its strength, what happens to you? If you’re brave enough (and can’t move because, well, you’re a rock), you get polished, you grow beautiful. That’s what you’ll see when you get to the Biri Rock Formation (Norther Samar), a beautifully alien world that should remind you that things of beauty, like diamonds, are created under the harshest conditions. So, hang tough. Photo courtesy of Makoy Ruizo (check his Instragram acount, @makoysworld, for more photos). Click the photo to enlarge.

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Photo of the Day: Biri Island

She doesn’t say much in describing herself in instagram: CEBU | travel | coffee | music. She’s even more tightlipped when it comes to her name — she calls herself, quite simply, toot (rubbitoott). But when it comes to to traveling, this lovely lady takes a decidedly long-distance view. She recently went to Biri Island in Samar. How far? “Travelled a long way to get here, sailed 12 hrs to Samar and a never ending roadtrip/boat trip towards the Northern part is all worth it. A must!” Good things come to those who wait (and travel), right? Anyway, as you marvel at the beautiful rock formations and imagine the power of the waves, it might be helpful to remember that Biri Island is the frontline to the Pacific Ocean — the birthplace of typhoons, including the most powerful typhoon to make landfall in recorded history, super typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan. Here’s the photo (click to enlarge): Continue reading Photo of the Day: Biri Island