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Indoor-Outdoor Mirror Image: Philippine Travel Stories

The Universe loves balance. There’s a yin to the yang, and the Force has its dark side. As to the VisitPinas-tagged Instagram photos, we’ve noticed that a number of outdoor photos have a mirror, or similar, image snapped indoor. We might not be able to explain it sufficiently in words, but we hope it becomes clearer as we feature these photos. Continue reading Indoor-Outdoor Mirror Image: Philippine Travel Stories

BenCab Museum (Baguio City)

On the art and artists, we all have our opinions and stereotypes. And like art itself, these opinions are distilled from our own experience. Our view of the art, and of beauty itself, varies in accordance with the diverse worlds that we come from. A true master will always see art differently from, say, an avid art collector, much more a set of avid wanderers like us who are merely casual lovers of art. Continue reading BenCab Museum (Baguio City)