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Philippines: FIBA’s Most Valuable Fans (MVF) Best Country Award

The Philippines didn’t win the FIBA 2014 Spain Basketball World Cup. But the Gilas Pilipinas won over the hearts of the world basketball and, in the process, convinced our own that we actually have a shot at that podium. Also, by way of deserving recognition, FIBA has announced that Filipinos are the BEST basketball fans in the world. FIBA said: “Fans took part in MVF Challenges and used a broad range of social actions (for example by associating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, using the hashtag #Spain2014…etc) to accumulate their MVF points.” We really don’t know exactly how they measure who’s the best fans but based on how loud and proud the Gilas Pilipinas fans are, we have no doubt the Filipinos deserve the title. Yes, including the championship title down the road. Manalig, kabayan! Watch this video: Continue reading Philippines: FIBA’s Most Valuable Fans (MVF) Best Country Award

Sige Lang (Quest) and Gilas Pilipinas

The win of the Philippines’ Gilas Pilipinas reminds us of the feeling when Gilas captured the 2012 Jones Cup, beating the United States in the process. The feeling is captured in another great Quest song, Sige Lang, superimposed against the basketball quest of Gilas. See the Pagbabago video or watch the revised Sige Lang video, here:

Video courtesy youtube, Quest and others featured in the video.

Salamat Gilas Pilipinas: Puso at Utak

At last. At long last. Today, September 4, 2014 — a date that will be remembered by the next generations — after four straight losses, after chants of #puso have been sorely tested with a yearning for something more than a moral victory, after calls for #utak popped up beside #puso and #GilasPilipinas, after repeated heartbreaks in close games against Croatia, Argentina and Puerto Rico, the Philippines finally captured its first win in the FIBA basketball World Cup after 40 years. Continue reading Salamat Gilas Pilipinas: Puso at Utak

Support Gilas Pilipinas. Go Philippines!

The roar of the home crowd must be deafening at the SM MOA Arena, the venue of the 27th FIBA Asia Championship. We would have wanted to watch the games live. We would have shouted our voices hoarse for the Philippine team. But we’ve decided not to watch the games live. Last time we watched a game live to support a team, the team we were rooting for lost. This time, to ensure that we won’t jinx the chances of Gilas Pilipinas to get into the championship match, we would do the ultimate sacrifice by not going. Continue reading Support Gilas Pilipinas. Go Philippines!

Mall of Asia Arena: All-Star Basketball

The Mall of Asia Arena, the modern stadium and newest events venue in the Philippines, hosted a special events for basketball fans — the All Star Basketball Challenge. It was our first time to watch that kind of event and our first time to visit the venue, we’re at a loss where to start. Continue reading Mall of Asia Arena: All-Star Basketball