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Meet Uncle Cheffy

It has been a long time, too long in the context of a wanderer’s world, since we last posted a full-length article, well, other than the photo of the day. It’s a confluence of factors, really. Busy with our day jobs (yes, dear, we have day jobs). Busy with the travel agency. Busy absorbing the joys of traveling. Largely, however, it’s a conscious decision not to write anything unless something — be it food, hotel, resort or anything related to travel — strikes the chord connecting our stomach, through our hearts and our typing fingers. We got excited, a bit, yes, to write again when we got reunited with Uncle Cheffy. Continue reading Meet Uncle Cheffy

5 Things We’d Tell RACKS

We’ve noticed that every time we visit a Real American Country Kitchen Style restaurant (let’s just call it RACKS, as it’s called anyway) we receive a customer feedback form. We don’t know if everyone is given a customer feedback form by RACKS or we simply look like a bunch of souls who look like perfect candidates for RACKS’ target demographics. We can always politely refuse to answer but we feel this is a disservice to future consumers. Maybe we can be excused if we write down what we need to say? So here goes: Continue reading 5 Things We’d Tell RACKS

Texas Joe’s House of Ribs (Subic Bay, Philippines)

Ever since the American forces withdrew from Subic, it has struggled to find its place under the sun. It can’t be a place for swimming because of jellyfish. It no longer has the monopoly of duty free shops, with the proliferation of tiangge and imported member-only stores in Metro Manila. The once-mighty Ocean Adventure is only a shadow of its former tourist draw with the steady growth of the Manila Ocean Park. The few things we truly appreciate of Subic remain to be the traffic discipline within its premises, something that MUST be replicated everywhere in the Philippines, and the restaurants. Continue reading Texas Joe’s House of Ribs (Subic Bay, Philippines)

Mezza Norte Night Food Market (UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Quezon City)

There’s a new hangout in town, a night food market in the middle of the open space haven called UP-AyalaLand Technohub. It’s just across the street from the University of the Philippines Diliman, along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. The night food market, called Mezza Norte, is a splendid mix of tried and tested comfort food to the more sophisticated variants. Continue reading Mezza Norte Night Food Market (UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Quezon City)

Big Appetite at Casa Verde (Cebu)

Cebu has grown by leaps and bounds since we last went there. Big developments have been completed and are being undertaken. Bigger malls dot the landscape. Bigger business centers have sprouted. It was farthest from our mind, when we recently visited the Queen City of the South, that we’d encounter the biggest burger we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. We found food gold at Casa Verde, an American-style casual dining restaurant. Continue reading Big Appetite at Casa Verde (Cebu)