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Art in the (Bonifacio Global) City: Photo of the Day

There’s a pending move at the University of the Philippines to drastically cut down the number of units for humanities in the general education program. There’s also the usual trend of malls and other commercial establishments to squeeze every centavo of profit from every square foot of space. What’s common in these totally different moves, you might ask, is that arts and humanities are perceived to have little use in generating profits or preparing the students for employment. Humanities and arts are not essential, they say. That’s the sad thing. These subjects make us human beings essentially human. Pursuing this line of discussion won’t be short, so suffice it to say, at this point, that we greatly appreciate, and support, institutions and projects like Ayalas, which give a heavier weight on living spaces and the arts. The graceful lady you see in the photo is the lovely Dianne Althea, a dancer, yogi, singer-songwrier, entrepreneur (thanks for the photo; check her Instagram account, @theiorillosa, for her complete profile and other photos). Everything else you see in the photo is not trash,  but part of the art movement at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Walk around BGC during your spare time. Click the photo to enlarge.

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