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Ship Ahoy: Photo of the Day

The Philippines is among the Top 5 countries with the longest coastline, not because it has a massive land area, but because the country is archipelagic, and we learned in school (yes, we were conscientious students) that an “archipelago” simply means an island group or island chain. With thousands of islands scattered in the typhoon-churning Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that ships are the primary mode of inter-island transport. Ferdinand Magellan, who found the Philippines for Spain hundreds of years ago, arrived in a galleon, a huge wooden sailing ship. Tourists move around by flying in through one of the three main islands — Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao, — then exploring the adjoining islands by boat, which comes in all sizes and materials. The one in this photo, courtesy of Noriel (check his Instagram account, @nrlbljrd for other cool photos), seems to have seen better days, probably during the reign of Jack Sparrow, but we take the maritime authority’s word that it’s seaworthy. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been in those ships, and we’re still around, so not much to worry about, ok? Enjoy the islands! Click the photo to enlarge. Continue reading Ship Ahoy: Photo of the Day