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Full Moon Games: Our Top List

There’s a super moon in August, although we learned about this only after the huge full moon was supposed to dominate the night sky on August 10, 2014. Doesn’t really matter because the moon tonight is still enormous. Big enough to remind us of the favorite childhood games children play whenever the full moon was out. This one is for posterity’s sake (ok, for our generation, too, so we may reminisce and smile). Rule of thumb for a full moon game? It has to accommodate between 10 to 20 kids at any time; a game designed for 2 or 4 people won’t do. Here’s our list of fun full moon games: Continue reading Full Moon Games: Our Top List

Typhoon Watch 2014: List of Typhoons in the Philippines

The time has come to again start the list of typhoons for the year, 2014. It’s not that we want typhoons to visit the Philippines — it’s an inescapable fact that around 20 storms visit the Philippines each year. So, just like in the previous years (see the typhoon lists for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 lists), let’s log each typhoon as it enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). The first typhoon in 2013 came on the 3rd day of the year, while in 2012 it came in June. Drop by from time to time as we update the list of typhoons in the Philippines for 2014. Continue reading Typhoon Watch 2014: List of Typhoons in the Philippines

List of 2014 Philippine Holidays

Yes, there are a number of holidays still remaining for the year 2013. It’s never too late for catchups! And while you’re planning for your trips and vacation destinations this year, it might be a good idea to go a step further (or, more properly, one year ahead). Malacanang has issued Proclamation 655, fixing the national holidays for 2014. Here’s the full list of official 2014 holidays: Continue reading List of 2014 Philippine Holidays