Swimming Pool of Cocoon Boutique Hotel

A hotel’s swimming pool has its unique pull on certain guests. The fact that Cocoon Boutique Hotel has a pool made us decide to visit it over the long weekend. Now, there are reasons why we’re writing separately on the swimming pool of Cocoon Boutique Hotel. There are reasons why we’re writing this article ahead of the main article for this unassuming yet sophisticated hotel somewhere in the heart of Quezon City.

Lest this article be misinterpreted, let it be said that we absolutely love the Cocoon Hotel. We love the room, the bed, the bathroom, the bathtub, the details. We like the swimming pool, especially how the underwater light changes colors at night, a soothing sight as the guests enjoy dinner at the Abuela’s Coffeeshop and bar, just beside the poolside. It’s a perfect “remedy” for any guest who gets drunk at the bar — just gently nudge them to the edge of the swimming pool, which is 2 steps from the tall tables, and the splash of water will surely wake him/her up.

The poolside area provides a nice view of the surrounding rooftops. It’s nice (or horrifying, depending on one’s preference) to see concrete structures rising all around in this part of Quezon City. The lazy cadence of the flashing red safety lights of the nearby TV tower syncs with the relaxing ambiance of the Cocoon. It’s a great place to stay in.

But there’s a teeny, tiny request on the swimming pool. First and foremost, put something at the edge of the pool to prevent ANY water from outside going into the pool. When they clean the restaurant which is 2 feet away, the dust (or worse, water if ever they use it) easily goes into the pool. The potted herbs around the swimming pool look cool, but what happens if they water it? Water goes into the pool. The shower rooms beside the swimming pool easily overflows and when that happens, where does the water go? To the swimming pool around 2 feet away.  When it rains, where does the water go after going through the pots and the floors? The swimming pool.

No surprise that the water in the swimming pool looks brownish under the clear, hot sun.

Other than that, the Cocoon Boutique Hotel a great place, a garden of Eden in the middle of the city jungle. This boutique hotel also caters to families, with kids who love to play in the swimming pool. We love swimming pools. And that’s why the swimming pool of Cocoon has a separate article.

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