Summer Water Fun at Club Manila East (CME)

There’s something about water and kids, a bond that probably started when we all started as growing fetuses floating in mom’s womb. We don’t know any scientific basis for that link but it’s fairly obvious when kids hit water venues. This is evident in a water world east of the Metro, the Club Manila East (CME), a place that has so much to offer for kids and adults.

Beat the Summer Heat

Even if we didn’t get any memo that summer has started, the intense heat leaves no doubt that summer has officially embraced the Philippines. It’s so hot, many sauna shops would probably go belly up.

We have some theories on how to beat the summer heat. First, go in really cold places. Malls are good candidates, though we’re thinking along the lines of Snow Village (Ocean Park) or Snow World (Star City). Feel the sting of the cold temperature for a few minutes, though this option has built-in problems — the primary problem is the humid and hot air outside these venues.

Second, go to really hot places and catch some sun burn. We can name a few places (Anvaya, Pagudpud, Boracay, Panglao, Palawan, San Juan) or some theme parks (Splash Island and Amana). There are other examples of this kind of place here in VisitPinas. We suggest that you do the search after reading below.

Now, where were we? Oh, our second theory on staying cool in summer. Go somewhere hot and get a sunburn. Have fun under the sun. If your body is hot, the hot external temperature won’t be as hot. It’s like having colds/flu — you feel really cold even if your body is hot.

Of course we are not doctors and this is not a medical advice, just trying out to help you kids come up with a smart-sounding reason to say when your parents ask why you like so much to bake under the sun.

And as soon as you convince your parents (or whoever it is that needs convincing), we need to point you to the right direction in going to Club Manila East.

Directions: How to Get to CME

Let’s start with the easy part — the address of CME is Km. 24 Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal, 1920 Taytay, Philippines. It’s also easy to look for the map going to) CME. The more difficult part is figuring how best to get there.

Sometimes it’s easier to look for a place by looking for something else. When asking for directions going to CME, ask where SM Taytay is. CME is around 5 minutes from SM Taytay. For the unfamiliar to the territory, it would be best to pass through Ortigas Extension (that’s the one in from of Robinson’s Galeria, the same stretch in front of Greenhills Mall). Go towards the Antipolo/Rizal direction, which means that you’ll pass by Ark Avilon, Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas (right side). Just go straight until you reach SM Taytay.

An alternative route, which will still bring you to the same junction, is through the Katipunan route. Take the road to Sta. Lucia / Robinson Malls (that’s going to Antipolo), then take the right turn immediately after Sta. Lucia Mall (Felix Avenue). Just go straight and take a left turn at the first major intersection (the first traffic light).

[If you are from the area and you know a more detailed description of the directions, please let us know through the comment section below.]

Fun Summer Activities at CME

While CME could not surpass Splash Island in terms of water slides/rides [see Ranking the Water Slides of Splash Island] and other facilities, CME nevertheless has a lot to offer. There are two Wave Pools(OceanWaves and BeachWaves), which also serve as the base for surfing lessons.

Checking out the surfing lessons was the primary reason why we visited the Club Manila East. We’ve read that the Philippine Surfing Academy (PSA) holds surfing lessons here. They have half of the wave pool cordoned for themselves, a good alternative to beginner’s surfing lessons in San Juan, Siargao or other surfing destinations. PSA’s Paolo Soler believes, and we don’t doubt this, that CME has the best wave pool in the country, a big factor why the surfing school was established here.

There’s a Kiddie Pool beside the boating (kayak) area. There’s a Lap Pool for those who wants racing. There’s mini-water slide for kids and one slide for adults.

From time to time, over the croaks and squeals of drunk people singing videoke (CME, please remove the videoke and the booze inside the resort), there’s a zipping sound above the treetops. Glance up and you’ll see feet dangling as guests take turns enjoying the zipline (separate payment needed; also, please note that some steep climbing to the staging area is required).

Food, drinks and accommodations

Food and drinks, including water, are not allowed. During the time we were there, Shakey’s, Chowking and Jollibee were present so there should be no shortage of food.

We think CME has the most number of cottages/cabanas to accommodate guests. Our trip to CME was made during the peak of summer season. We made no reservation so we ended up in the multi-story jail-like enclosures, called, surprising, “Beach View”. To be fair, the enclosures are convenient and — and this is the most important thing — it’s not hot and there’s a ceiling fan to boot, plus electricity outlets. This is a resort-hotel so there are rooms for those who prefer to stay overnight, although we don’t see ourselves doing that.

Now for some modest constructive notes (in addition to the karaoke and the booze). Our kid said he likes the place, the Wave Pool and the Kiddie Pool especially, but doesn’t like the “jail cell”. Also welcome are more shower rooms with sufficient breathing space. And it seems that only a few structures are alive in their colors — primarily the “mushroom” at the kiddie Pool and the walls of the Giant Slide. When we arrived at the location, the entrance seems to be sad and unwelcoming. It’s the the usual place where you’d run towards the entrance with open arms, the excitement hard to contain, immediately after going down the vehicle. It’s more like, “Wow, this place has aged a lot”.

So, if you’re in Metro Manila and you want surfing lessons, try Club Manila East first before going to San Juan, Quezon, Zambales, Siargao or other far-flung destinations. If you want an accessible location with lots of water fun at the side of Taytay, try Club Manila East. If you love booze and enjoy belting “My Way” videoke, please go elsewhere. Enjoy summer water fun at Club Manila East (CME)!

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  1. CME is a good place to go by far specially the ocean & beach waves and the ever thrilling zip line, but the food chains really messed up though, u gotta wait for around 30mins in line just to get to the counter and another 1hour for your food to be served (needs improvement).

  2. i would like to inquire abut the water fun resort, we are interested to lease or rent the place. my mnumber is 09217532588 thanks

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