Steak at Meat Plus Restaurant (Subic Bay)

What do you do when you go to Subic Bay? You’re most probably on a business trip or a special mission to raid the duty-free shops. And because it’s summer, you’re probably off enjoying the beaches in Subic (like Camayan Beach or Grande Island) or simply enjoying the sights and sounds (like the Ocean Adventure ). Yachting, karting, hiking, biking and much, much more. Boracay is more fun, true, but Subic is not boring, either.

We’re not talking about all the energy-draining activities in this post, though. We’re going to talk about how to source the energy needed for all those activities (and, at the same time, hike up your cholesterol and blood sugar levels; there you go, you’ve been warned).

Let’s talk about food, steak to be exact. When you go to Subic, there are the usual restaurants that you see in Metro Manila. There are also restaurants that you see only here, nestled amidst duty-free shops and wide parking lots.

One of these restaurants that you visit when in Subic, with a simple, crisp atmosphere and literally a stone’s throw from two duty-free shops, is the Meat Plus.

It’s not a place that grabs your attention and I often get lost looking for this place, even if I’ve come back to Subic a number of times. Maybe it’s because the buildings here blend with the environment, a testament to the fact that this is a former US Naval Base before Mt. Pinatubo conclusively ended all arguments on extending the stay of the Americans. Or maybe because, as I mentioned somewhere in this blog, I’m more concerned with looking at the road signs, really afraid to violate any traffic regulations while in Subic, rather than looking at the structures beside the road. I’m the last guy you should ask for directions in Subic, though I tend to remember where to turn when I’m there. So, if you’re planning to ask for directions at the comment section below, don’t ask me because I can’t tell anything. Or you could bring me along because I may remember when I’m confronted with the fork on the road (no pun intended).

We visit Meat Plus principally for the steak. Topsirloin steak. New York steak. Tenderloin steak. Plus more choices: burgers, pasta, sandwiches, salads, fresh fish,dessert, etc. I like the chocolate cake. Not decadent, but loaded with enough sugar and carbo to last your whole tour of Subic. Maybe that’s the reason it’s called Meat Plus.

Or maybe because it’s really affordable. More meat for a fair price. For a fair-sized steak enough to stuff your belly to explosive widths, you’ll fork out under P500. Of course, it’s not the heavily seasoned (and more expensive) kind like that of Mamou (one of the top reasons I hate to visit my doctor is this — he bars me from going back for more steaks). It’s not you’re run-of-the-mill steak either. It’s affordable. It tastes good. For me, that’s a wrap (again, no pun intended).

Writing this post is not easy. First, less time to bum around and actually write something. My day job is now more demanding and I have to make some extra dough to continue this hobby. Second, it has been months since our last trip to Meat Plus, so it takes more effort to think what to write. The good thing is that thinking makes me hungry (and again looking at the photos makes me more hungry). Third, I tried to think what to write while waiting in this heavily airconditioned restaurant, a welcome relief from the hot sun outside, but I always end up remembering how hungry I am. Goodbye to thinking.

Fourth, in food, to each his own. What tickles my palate may not work for you (and vice versa). Also, some go for the ambiance more than the food. The ambiance here is the homey, fastfood-type. Some go for the food, without any care for the ambiance. In short, Meat Plus is a little of both, which is why I’d go back here each time I get.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think (please use the comment section below). Please remember that we’re not connected in any way with Meat Plus. Thanks.

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