Sonya’s Garden Restaurant & Country Bed and Breakfast

Sonya’s Garden is not easy to find (in my previous experience, at least). This is probably the reason why it was previously called, if I’m not mistaken, as Sonya’s Secret Garden. The second time we were there, we told the staff if they could probably add more directions along the main road to make it easier to find the place, but then it wouldn’t be a secret, we were told. So we swallowed the explanation together with the fresh, green salad served for lunch. That was years ago.

Just recently, we decided to drop by Sonya’s Garden after having lunch at Leslie’s Restaurant in Tagaytay (while Sonya’s Garden is often associated with Tagaytay, it is, in fact, found outside Tagaytay City). We’ve visited the place a number of times, but this is the first time I learned that it’s called Sonya’s Garden Restaurant & Country Bed and Breakfast.

It’s still not easy to find,  but it’s no longer a secret and it now has a website. There were many visitors, in addition to the wedding receptions in the place. I would imagine if the place would still be private and quite for those who decide to check-in, although that shouldn’t be a problem because guests are limited to mill around the Information or reception area. The rest of the place is off-limits to visitors.

Sonya’s Garden, as the name suggests, is a garden, so what do you expect to see? No, not Sonya, but lots of plants and flowers.

The rate of bed and breakfast depends on the time of the week (P3,000 weekdays; P3,400 weekends and holidays). There’s also a Sonya’s Garden Spa, with a number of services intended to reinvigorate the body and relax the mind (Swedish massage is P675 and the Sonya’s Signature Massage is P785).

Until we stay in Sonya’s Garden, which we intend to do if we’ll have occasion in the near future, we could not say whether there are no more secrets waiting to be discovered in this nature haven. Still, like the unknown down the trail that appears to be guarded by two tree trunks, we hope there are still pleasant surprises of privacy and relaxation in the inner sanctum of Sonya’s (once-secret) Garden.


How to get there? Drive through the main road of Tagaytay City, passing through Taal Vista Lodge, the central market and Bag of Beans. After a few minutes, you’ll see the arc indicating that you’re leaving Tagaytay City. That’s not it. Further down the road, you’ll reach a fork, one road going to the right, with the arc saying “Alfonso,” a town in Cavite where Sonya’s Garden is found. Don’t turn right or enter the arc; take the other road that goes straight ahead. By this time you’ll feel uncomfortable thinking that you’ve entirely missed the place because you’ll see many references to Cavite and it’s been quite some time that you’re driving. You’ll pass by a number of high-end subdivision projects, including the Splendido (left side of the road) and Royal Tagaytay Estates (to your right). After a few meters, just when you thought of going back, you’ll see the arc of Buck Estate, where Sonya’s Garden is found. You’ll also see this logo of Sonya’s Garden. Turn right and just follow the winding road down.

Here’s an additional set of directions from Sonya Garden’s flier: “From South Superhighway, exit Sta. Rosa. Upon reaching Tagaytay main Aguinaldo Highway, turn right towards Nasugbu, Batangas. Go past rotonda proceed 10 kms. After Splendido Golf Course and Sunrise Hill make a right turn on Buck State. Drive 2 kms. Left gate.” If you’re still lost, try these contact numbers (0917-5335140; 0917-5329097; 0928-5073300; 0928-5073301; 0928-5073302).

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  1. Hi!

    I read your article Fred UP Cebu. Nice write up… reminds me of my school also esp the good times and the “tawa to sawa” moments… Nice remembering the past…

    By the way, are you a travel agent? I can see that you are promoting the Philippines. Keep up the good work.

    I’m also a co-owner of a travel agency here in Manila. But sadly, we do not have website yet.

  2. Alma, thanks for the kind words on the UP Cebu article. Yes, the purpose of this blog is to contribute in our own little way to promote Philippine travel destinations and to remind our fellow kababayans abroad (as well as those within the Philippines) about its beauty. As to the travel agency business, I understand that discretionary travel expense is one of the first items to go off the budget list in times of financial crunch, so I wish your business well. I sent you a separate email, by the way.

  3. hii good day
    we are planning to to there on july 18,2011
    let me know whats the price range for standard meal for 3 people.

    thanks & god bless all

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