Seafood Diet for the Holy Week

Each one has his/her way of spending the Holy Week. The poll in our previous post reveals, as of today, that 53% would go on mass and visita iglesia, 24% would go on vacation except Good Friday, 18% says that they would just stay at home, and 6% would take a full vacation. Different strokes for different folks.

One of the practices that Filipino Catholics observe with fair regularity is fasting and abstinence during Holy Week. Or during Good Friday at the very least. We observe abstinence and fasting as forms of sacrifice to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

Fasting, strictly speaking, means not eating anything. Only water. That would probably be on Good Friday. Kids and old people exempted.

Abstinence means, well, you know what it means. If you don’t know what it means, uhm, go look for it somewhere, not here. That would be the other forms of abstinence, because it could mean abstinence from eating meat, except seafood.

We don’t know if allowing meat as an exemption from abstinence is a good idea. You see, in an archipelagic country that is naturally surrounded with water, the Philippines has easy access to the bounty of the sea. Sea food is a treat, the reason why those in the Metro visit dampa.

So if the idea of abstinence and fasting is to give up something that we enjoy, seafood is probably one of those things that we have to give up. Then again, different strokes for different folks.

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