Saving Jessica Sanchez, American Idol and Rajo Laurel

This is a first for us — this time, we are going to ask everyone, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, to support and vote for our own, Jessica Sanchez. We’re a little late with the news, but we just learned that Jessica was voted off American Idol Season 11, which means she received the lowest vote. She survived to sing for another day because the judges — God bless you Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler — wisely decided to use their only “save”. Here’s Jessica saying thanks after the show:

For VisitPinas and for our friends, allow us to suggest two things. One, please tell your friends in the US to vote next time. Either post something in your account or, if you prefer, share/forward this post.

Two, we really don’t know what happened to Rajo Laurel’s offer to dress Jessica, for free, just to help her. We don’t know if that’s a great idea, but it sounds good to us. Kindly retweet this until it reaches Jessica and Rajo.

Again, don’t forget to support AND vote for Jessica. We already nudged our friends in the States. It’s time you do your share. Please. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Saving Jessica Sanchez, American Idol and Rajo Laurel”

  1. I love Jessica. Pero it’s futile. She’s the least Americanlooking in the bunch. Cant push it kahit na all Pinoys in the US vote for her.

  2. I AM IN CANADA and i just watched in American Idol and i saw with my very own eyes… SHE’S IN THE TOP 3!!! YAHOO!!!

  3. Yeeyyyyyy!! She made it to the top 2. Go girl. Haha I can’t hardly contain my happiness. I want to run to the street and wave my hands like I don’t care and shout and hug all the people I bump into and . . . ahhhh. Next week let’s give it one last push. GOOOO!

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