San Miguel Beer Premium All Malt

I’m having trouble classifying this post. The closest category is “food“, but I’m always reminded of a certain witness during the impeachment trial of former President Estrada, who cleverly retorted: “Iniinom po ang iced tea, hindi kinakain, your Honor!” Would you say beer is beverage, not food? But as my cousin would always say, when asked why he’d drink beer even before eating, beer is derived from grains (barley and hops) so it is “food”.

Beer is most the consumed alcoholic drink in the Philippines, which accounts for a 70% share of the alcoholic beverage market in terms of volume during 2005, according to an article.  The article also reveals that in 2003-2004, the Philippines ranked 22nd in the world in terms of consumption per country. Not bad for a country where gin is king.

Barley and hops, the traditional ingredients of beer. These are the ingredients of San Miguel Beer‘s Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light and Red Horse brands, as well as Asia Brewery‘s Beer na Beer and Colt 45.

San Miguel introduced another beer which doesn’t use barley or hops — but all malt. Thus I came to meet the San Miguel Premium.

I love beer, though I’m no expert, based on the fact that I can’t give a review such as this one from the Beeradvocate ™: “It started with a pretty nice bread-like flavor that soon turned. I’m not sure if this an all-malt brew or not, but there were some definite vegetal characteristics. I picked up a distinct flavor of cooked corn. Hopping was pretty minimal.”

I can’t distinguish how barley, hops or malt in beer tastes like, separately. I won’t know if it’s all-malt. All I know is that I love beer. Hik, er, heck, I could even say I greatly contributed to the success of Philippine beer companies, having consumed my fair share of this national beverage.

And I know Philippine beers could stand proud against any beer in the world.

Tagay pa!

5 thoughts on “San Miguel Beer Premium All Malt”

  1. malt is actually barley or wheat that was subjected to the malting process. The San Miguel All-Malt lager is brewed without using any cereal adjuncts such as corn or rice. This is also the reason why the all-malt is more expensive, since, I think, san miguel imports its barley from australia. San Mig light, i think, uses these cereal adjuncts and is thus classified as adjunct lagers. I do agree with u that the all-malt san miguel is a pretty good brew.

  2. Asia Brewery has recently come out with two new all-malt beers:
    Manila Beer containing 7% alcohol and Manila Light with its 5% alcohol with 30% less calories than Manila Beer.
    These products will give the competitors (Manila Beer in the high alcohol segment) brands Red Horse and Colt 45, and (Manila Light in the light and standard alcohol segment) San Mig Light, San miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Premium, a run for its money.

  3. Premium – why does it state made with hops on the bottle? You’re claiming no hops. I wish it to be true..

  4. I`d like to drink san miguel lights beer but i`m confused…are malts or hops contains high uric acid ????..does it`s ingredients also contain yeast??? kindly response…

  5. This guy wrote and article on beer and doesn’t know a thing about how beer is brewed… He also mentioned gin is king here… Rum is the hard liquor king and is less than 150 pesos for a 2 liter bottle.

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