Revisiting Museo Pambata (Manila City)

The world is confusing, no doubt about it. Sometimes we want places to stay the same. Other times we want something new in the places that we visit again. The first time we visited Museo Pambata, the kids had fun. A couple of visits to this kid-friendly establishment in Manila City, it stayed the same. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see new additions when we revisited the Museong Pambata over the long holy week weekend.

Most of the exhibits are still there, including the Old Manila is still there, complete with scale models of the Spanish galleon and the Binondo church, as well as displays of the evolution of the Philippine flag. We didn’t see the old basketball court and the interactive giant piano, but there’s a huge chess set in place. The new features include Career Options and the Illustrator’s Area. There are exhibits on Kalikasan (Nature) and I Love My Planet Earth. We’ve observed that the new exhibits focus largely on nature and the environment. There are giant ants crawling on the walls (kids would have a different “view” of ants after seeing this exhibit). There’s an underwater display where kids could dress as sea creatures and frolic amidst the floor-to-ceiling-tall sea grass.

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To be candid, the Museo Pambata is less exciting than The Mind Museum and, to a less degree, the Science Discovery Center. There are, however, a number of reasons why we’ve decided to revisit the place when acting as “tour guides” for visiting friends with kids. For one, it’s conveniently near the Manila Ocean Park, with its great sea world displays and aquariums, the Trick Art Museum, the Penguin Show, the Snow Village and the Musical Fountain Show. It’s a stone’s throw from Rizal Park (Luneta), the Manila Hotel and Intramuros.

[To be continued…in the meantime, check these photos]

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