Red Velvet of Vanilla Cupcakes Bakery

V is for Red Velvet. Yes, we know Red Velvet starts with R, but there’s no recall in that, is there?. Think “V is for Victory,” which figured in a movie and we use on a daily basis by flashing the middle and index fingers. Do the V sign with the back hand and it’s hip-hop cool. Do the V sign the other way and that’s pa-cute for teenage girls. Do the V sign with sugar-coated smile and you have Red Velvet or, if you insist on sticking to the alphabet, the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

We had no time to leisurely go over the avalanche of cupcakes on display at Vanilla Cupcake‘s TriNoMa outlet. The visit to Sonja’s, the pioneer upscale cupcake place which used to have a sweet monopoly of that market segment, was a different story — it was a planned pilgrimage to Sonja’s at Serendra, with enough time provided by the long queue to deliberate on what cupcakes to order. We ended up with the Outrageous Mississippi Mud Pie, The Elvis and, of course, the Red Velvet.

We didn’t know that a happy alternative exists. We would be absolutely clueless if anyone asked us about Vanilla Cupcakes Bakery. Not until one afternoon, while zipping across TriNoMa on a quick errand, we passed by this well-lit, warm-looking wonderland  that offers cupcakes. CUPCAKES! A box of Red Velvet, please! If you don’t believe that you can utter something without really thinking about it, and if you love cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes will make a believer out of you.

There are wonderful differences between Sonja’s and Vanilla Bakery’s Red Velvet. It’s a deeper night-time red at Vanilla Bakery. Like lipstick, it’s the difference between cute red and vampire red. This Red Velvet is more sensual, with stronger character.  The smooth, bold swirl of cream cheese frosting/icing on top adds contrast to the look, the bite and the taste. This one is more moist, more dense. And this is not for the weak of heart. Bite bravely through the icing and the cupcake, and let the round sweetness of the icing blend with the soft sweetness of the cupcake.

There’s a whole lot more cupcakes at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. And since we only feature one cupcake here, the Red Velvet, it’s just right that we point you to the direction of other foodies who featured Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. There’s Whatever Eva, who swears that the “cupcakes are very, very delicious.” The Hefty Foodie says he would be a regular at Vanilla Cupcake. Joy doesn’t mind the price considering the location and, besides, the place is pretty. Also check the photos of the Lady Explorer and SandieStar, Then there’s BaconTunaMelt, who adores cupcakes and finds the place magical.

Looking back, it’s fortunate that we had so little time when we discovered the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. It means we’ll be craving and coming back for more. We’ll have more photos by then (and more blood sugar). Ah, moderation is the key. Good thing there’s a new cupcake haven in town. V, indeed, is for victory (and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery).

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