Lechon Kawali with Ensalada at Pinac (UP Town Center)

Pinác: Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine (UP Town Center)

We’ve found a new haven for Filipino food, and it’s no surprise that it’s centered on Kapampangan cuisine (or, as spelled in this restaurant, Capampangan cuisine). It would seem that when the Higher Being decided to rain culinary talent on the world, the early people of Pampanga woke up earlier to catch a huge chunk of the food preparation blessing. No surprise that one of the restaurants at the UP Town Center, the Pinác: Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine, serves absolutely great-tasting Filipino food.

There’s really an abundance of food choices at the UP Town Center. We’ve tried a few great food destinations, like the Shrimp Bucket, and thought that the UP Town Center packs a lot of punch in one small place (but don’t blink, construction is in full blast at the back end). We’ve decided not to feature other restaurants because we’d rather focus on the positive, white the rest of the restaurants at the Town Center, we still have to explore. The Pinac restaurant, on the other hand, we really, really have to feature; doing otherwise would be a disservice to all foodies out there (it ain’t easy, when you’re hungry, to take photos before taking the first bite, but it’s a discipline, or weird ritual, practiced by a growing legion of foodie bloggers).

To be continued…in the meantime, check these photos (click to enlarge).

One thought on “Pinác: Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine (UP Town Center)”

  1. Visited the place with my family as we wanted some Filipino foods. The place was neat and looks homey. We ordered a set meal for 6-8 persons. The food came fast and although nothing seemed newly cooked, the taste is really good. The service was good and the staffs were helpful. But beware, in our case we were not able to finish all we ordered, one ulam the classic whole chicken wasn’t even touched. We requested a staff to pack them. And after paying some really high service charge for what we thought was well deserved, we found out that the chicken was not included in the pack. We noticed it after we already left the resto. We came back and the staff immediately recognized us and gave us the already packed chicken. They told us they misplaced it and immediately tried to look for us. Who’s gonna believe that when we stayed about 10mins just outside their resto while waiting for our parents? We didnt want to argue anymore so we got the pack and left. When we got home and unpacked all the ulam, we noticed out that the chicken cant possibly be whole anymore. Another surprise!. Seems they’ve divided it already. So guys beware of this resto as they have quite some surprises..

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