Great view and great roads at SCTEX

Philippine Roads: Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and North Luzon Expressway (NLE)

Roads seem to be the most unlikely subject of, but some well-maintained roads deserve mention here, especially if these roads bring us to great travel destinations. Let’s begin:

Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Going to Subic, Tarlac and Baguio is now easier, faster and more convenient with the completion of the SCTEX. Branching separately a few meters from the entrance in NLEX-Clark, one going to Tarlac/Baguio (curve right) and the other (go straight) all the way up to Subic, the SCTEX is a smooth road that also provides a great view.

There are signs warning drivers of radars used to check speed, and I’ve figured out a month ago where this radar is contained. It’s found at . . . wait, I think it’s better not to say it, just for fun. I always pass through a number of cars (and motorcycles) being flagged down at the exit points. It’s almost expected for people to be flagged down — the road is so smooth, wide and traffic-free that it’s almost a sin not to maximize its potential.

North Luzon Expressway (NLE). The NLE is undoubtedly among the best roads or highways in the Philippines. The highway is smooth and nice and travel time is considerably lesser (as compare to, say, SLEX). There’s always the temptation to floor the gas pedal, but there are speed limits – with radars and cameras to enforce them, just like in the SCTEX. Sure, the toll rates are quite expensive (but cheaper than the Skyway, and actually cheaper, on a per kilometer basis, than the South Luzon Expressway).

There’s an “Overtaking Only” lane, which is the inner or leftmost lane. A driver is supposed to use this ONLY when overtaking. Next time you see people violate this rule, honk your horn. If that doesn’t work, use your imagination. =)

Please feel free to add to the list through the comment section below. Thank you.

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