Pepato’s, Greenbelt 3

Pepato’s has just elevated “comfort food” to a new level.

“Comfort Food” is a term we use to dishes that we like to eat when we’re tired, feeling sad or iffy. Our comfort food must be consistently delicious to remind us that there really are good things in life and that there are things that we can rely on.

After sitting for 4 hours in a meeting that involved taxes, balance sheets, and lots of figures in small print, I needed some comfort. So when my officemates asked me where I wanted to eat dinner, I suggested that we eat in the Pepato’s – the place where I remember having perfectly cooked chilean sea bass.

When we got to Pepato’s I asked for my favorite dish – the sea bass that’s cooked inside a paper box. I also ordered tomato soup and salad with fried cheese. for appetizers, we had the bone marrow. I asked for the green grape shake.

I was not disappointed. The serving of the bone marrow, as expected was little, but it was packed with flavor. The bread that was served with it was also buttery and tasty. The salad was really good! I didn’t even mind eating those bitter leaves (arugula or something.)

The tomato soup was perfectly light. The tomatos were so sweet and the cheese sprinkles on it made the taste more interesting. It was also served at the perfect temperature – hot enough to warm the tummy but it wouldn’t scorch your tongue.

As usual, the sea bass was light (yes, it’s light, not creamy) even with all the butter!

The green apple shake was also yummy! It was also brain freeze free.

And the best part of the dinner? The “butler type” of service that rey really enjoys. We didn’t have to ask for anything – waiters re-filled water goblets when they’re near empty, plates and bowls which are no longer used are immediately cleared, they even served more butter in the middle of the main course just in case we wanted to eat more bread. And this was done without any fuss. You wouldn’t even notice the waiters! Galing talaga.

After the meal, I’ve forgotten how tired I was. Life is really good.

(This article is written by Abie Co)

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