Beach at Lunchtime in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

Panglao Island: Following the Sunrise and Sunset

We embarked on a mission to chronicle our visit to Panglao Island, found at the southwestern part of the island-province of Bohol, Philippines. We’ve heard so much about this place (map and directions). By way of a teaser for the entire series, let’s start by following the sun.

We arrived in Panglao Island when the sun was really up in the sky. It was hot, but not humid hot. It was more of the tourist-hot, the kind of warmth that gets better with sunblock. After lunch and a little rest, it’s off to the beach for the little kids, running around near the water’s edge like there’s an endless supply of energy. They stopped not because their energy level dropped. They stopped because it was already sunset.

Night time came. Dinner with the group was filling, hearty and fun. Sleep was a breeze. Then it was sunrise . . . So another day starts. It’s time to prepare for the tour. See you in a bit. . .

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