Of Shawarma, Kebab and Kebabers

We love shawarma. We may not eat it as often as we want to, but we love shawarma. It’s like a though bubble emerges from nowhere, saying, “Hmmm, I crave for shawarma, let’s look for one.” And more often than not, we can’t find a good shawarma nearby. So when we saw Kebabers, we immediately took a few minutes off to check what it has to offer.

We didn’t know then that KEBABERS, operating since 2008, considers itself as “the first PERSIAN FASTFOOD” in the Philippines. It prides itself for its excellent service and quality food products in affordable prices. Let’s see. The place is clean and service appears to be good — quick and fast. While we hear the usual story about restaurants being slow in serving water, which is free and doesn’t bring in revenue — the presence of a water pitcher on the table was a pleasant surprise.

There are a few differences between Kebabers and the usual shawarma outlet. Kebabers looks like a fastfood joint and feels like one. It serves chicken kebab shawarma, a rarity in usual beef shawarma joints. The beef shawarma has less vegetables (yes, hard to believe, but we want our vegetables), but has potato crisps on top. We don’t know if the potato crisps should be eaten in the same bite with the beef and vegetables, but we had to consume it before we begin eating the shawarma. To each his/her own, and we like our shawarma without potato crisps. (We’ll be back for, uhm, a second opinion. Until then, tell us what you think of Kebabers through the comment section below. Thanks.)

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