Nurture Spa, Tagaytay

With sustained daily stress on the job, relaxation is important. There are a number of options to relax, one of which is having a good, soothing whole body massage. One of the recommended spas is the Nurture Spa, located in Tagaytay City.

Of course, there are a number of good spas around, including those scattered in the cities of Metro Manila. It’s entirely possible that the massage in the best city spa may be similar with, even better than, that in Nurture Spa, but there’s one major difference — being immersed in nature. Nurture Spa is located in Tagaytay City, which is the nearest alternative to the cool atmosphere of Baguio. So, a massage is a good alternative from (or a good activity some time after) eating bulalo at Leslie’s Restaurant, steak at Massimo’s, or cheese cake at Bag of Beans.

The spa is a bit far from the main road, which means that you bask in the quiet and tranquility of nature. Nurture spa has a number of cottages, including a cluster of authentic traditional Ifugao huts, which means that you could take time out — the whole day, overnight or for a couple of days — to stretch and relax. If these perks don’t interest you, then go there for the massage.

Here’s how to get there. You could also read more about the Nurture Spa through its website. I strongly suggest you make a reservation before going there. (Photo: “Stolen” shot at the stairs of our rented Ifugao hut. See the high fence? The hut is sealed from the rest of the cottages. That’s perfect if you want privacy. Enjoy!)

4 thoughts on “Nurture Spa, Tagaytay”

  1. well i rather to go in this place… why? cause Im sure many people who want to relax their body specially the mind…there so many benefit if you try to visit a nature spa here in tagaytay… We have a body massage. facial treatment,, i really satisfy to the place,ambiance and the service… actually i want to visit again with the said spa.. you? what are you waiting for? just try it and see the different…and enjoy…

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