Fireworks during Philippine New Year 2015

New Year Fireworks: More Fun in the Philippines

We’ve seen this amateur video — recorded in Metro Manila (Philippines, of course) when the clock struck 12 ushering in the New Year — immediately after it was posted in youtube, but didn’t repost it here. Not until now, anyway. The reason? We can’t decide whether we should be happy or sad about this sight. On one hand (no pun intended), we feel a lot of discomfort with the thought of injuries and pollution, among others, that surely come after the dust settles (or, more properly, after the fireworks smoke settles). On the other hand, there’s a weird side of us which is highly amused, giggling, at the sight of the non-stop explosions in EVERY part of the metro. The only other sight of fireworks that sufficiently moved us to write a post here in VisitPinas was the gold medal finish of the Philippines during the 2013 international fireworks competition (see video). Anyway, going back, let us know what you think of this kind of [fun] madness when it comes to New Year big bang, Philippine-style. There’s nothing like this in the whole world, we’ve heard. First, watch this video.

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