Barbecued Lamb with Provencale Dressing at Uno Restaurant

My One and Uno Restaurant (Quezon City)

An aura of stillness, of peace and quiet, permeates the two-floor Uno Restaurant; a surprising ambiance considering its location, Tomas Morato in Quezon City (corner Scout Fuentebella). The ambiance is the reason why we chose to come back to Uno Restaurant. The other reason would be the cheesecake. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Tomas Morato Avenue (Quezon City), or simply Tomas Morato, is the place that immediately pops to mind when talking about non-specifity. Tomas Morato in the culinary map is a collection of contiguous streets. Scout Area, as it is so called. It’s a place of fun adventure when searching for restaurants.

Where is Uno Restaurant? It’s in Tomas Morato. But going up and down this congested street won’t yield any Uno Restaurant. Tomas Morato, as we’ve said, refers to a collection of streets. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to ask if a restaurant found in Tomas Morato is found ALONG Tomas Morato. Uno Restaurant, for instance, is “found” in Tomas Morato but it’s in reality along the perpendicular street of Scout Fuentebella (the same street to Ludo Boardgame, yes). Drive through Morato from the Boy Scout Circle and turn right at the Fuentebella intersection, right where Chili’s is found.

The less obvious location is perhaps the reason for Uno’s quiet ambiance. It’s quiet because less cars pass through the front street. It’s quiet because Uno’s food does not cater to the fastfood crowd. This is semi-fine dining service with decidedly fine dining food choices.

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To be continued…in the meantime, check these photos (click to enlarge).

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