Must be Mom’s Ensaymaditas

Couples normally argue. And one of the juicy source of discussion is food. Let’s take for example my (inconsiderate) experience. A couple of times I’d say the food prepared by my significant other tastes, well, significantly different from what my mom used to prepare. This is inconsiderate, I suppose, but I tried to say it in a good way (then again, how good could you say it without hearing a mouthful from your spouse?).

It’s just we’ve grown up with how our mom would flavor, spice and prepare our food, so we couldn’t help notice. This is how mom would cook it, I’d say a few times (in my defense, even if I said that once or twice, I never fail to eat, with a smile, anything, and I mean anything, my spouse prepared). But I’m way past that (inconsiderate) behavior (I mean, the this-is-how-my-mom-would-cook-it part, not the eat-anything-on-the-plate part).

I said this is a “normal” source of discussion among couples, and I’m confident in saying that because somebody even used it as a food brand name. Yes, it must be mom’s cooking.

I first tasted Must be Mom’s ensaymada around 6 years ago, when I received a boxful of these mouthwatering stuff as a Christmas gift. It tastes good, I thought, and I should have more. Problem is, I haven’t stumbled into a Must be Mom’s shop since then (besides, I’m already happy with the enzaymada bites of Razon’s and Muhlach’s).

Remember those times when you’re looking for something and can’t find what you’re looking for (U2, I guess, have the same problem), then you find it when you’re not looking? It’s the same phenomenon as seeing lots of vacant cabs when you’re not looking for one.

When I forgot all about Must be Mom’s, looking for furniture in Tiendesitas in the past week, voila, I saw an outlet. And it happened at this time when I’m trying to lose weight. It’s really cruel.

The mind is willing (to go on diet), but the body is weak (and wants ensaymada . . . and lechon, and . . . darn). I can’t just buy this ensaymada and forget about my diet. I have to be strong. I don’t want to buy it, even if it’s Must be Mom’s.

So I asked by wife to buy it.

Thank God for significant others.

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