Mushroomburger in Tagaytay City

A burger with mushroom patty. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, that one of our criteria for checking a burger is the quality of the patty — that’s all-beef patty. Then here comes a restaurant that serves burgers made of mushrooms (it also serves other Filipino dishes), with a name that proudly declares that fact — Mushroomburger. At first, I really don’t know what to make of it.

No big deal, I guess. If you come to think of it, there’s no ham in hamburger, something which ceases to be a puzzle if we know that it originated from Hamburg, Germany. Ah, that’s why it’s called hamburger, you say. That’s what I also said, just a while ago, when I searched for the answer to this piece of trivia.

Mushroomburger started growing mushrooms in 1976, selling the mushrooms, not the burgers, to restaurants. It sold its first Mushroomburger on November 1, 1980, the Mushroomburger website tells us.

The mushroom burger has been around since the 80’s. There’s a Mushroomburger outlet along West Avenue, in Quezon City. There’s another outlet along Katipunan Avenue, in front of Ateneo, also in Quezon City.

It was only yesterday that we finally decided to try it out. By sheer curiosity. Hamburger is beef. How on earth can a fungi like a mushroom become a hamburger? We’ve decided to find out at the Mushroomburger main outlet, the original store, in Tagaytay City. Maybe the Tagaytay ambiance would help us convince that mushrooms could become burgers.

The first thing I immediately liked is the presence of ample parking space — in front of the store, along the road, and more parking slots inside the compound. There’s a playground for kids, so they could run around while you wait for the order (which doesn’t take much time). I was tempted to use the Wishing Well, for our long trip to be compensated with a great tasting mushroom burger.

The wishing well must be working. The mushroom burger turned out to be worth the trip. This is not beef, I had to constantly remind myself in gauging the Mushroomburger. This is better than many real-beef burgers, I realized.

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