Muhlach Ensaymada Espesyal (Megamelt)

Consuming a box of ensaymada, once upon a time, was a three-step process: (1) Buy box of ensaymada; (2) Eat the contents of the box of ensaymada; and (3) immediately throw away the box. It’s a process that focus mainly on the second step.

Now, with blogging for, we got stuck in the third step. We spent more time inspecting the box before throwing it away, looking for interesting pieces of information to write here. For instance, Muhlach Ensaymada recommends buying their products within the day you intend to serve them, although these products are still best within 3 days from date of purchase.

The box also contains information on the calories per serving, although it’s probably a useless piece of information — lovers of this slightly sinful food don’t care about the calories. For more information on Muhlach melt products, visit it’s website ( The list of outlets are also included there,Ā  information which may come in handy should you (or your pregnant wife) crave for ensaymada.

Also, we spent more time taking photos of the ensaymada, although it doesn’t mean that we’re trying to act like pros in taking pictures. We’re just amateurs and if it takes much longer to take photos than to eat the ensaymada, it’s because this ensaymada melts in the mouth faster than finding a better shot.

11 thoughts on “Muhlach Ensaymada Espesyal (Megamelt)”

  1. on of the ensaymadas we’d usually buy. i remember a cousin from the US who got so addicted to this when they visited us in Manila. šŸ˜€ he wnated to rbing home boxes of these! haha.

  2. Muhlach Ensaymada is the best ensaymada I ever tasted. Its just so sad that there are no stalls of it in Bulacan. I rarely have the chance to eat it. I wish there will be a store here in Bulacan so I can buy anytime I want to. šŸ™‚

  3. i live in Tennessee (USA) this is absolutely the best ensaymada. We brought it back with us and need to find where we can order here. Any ideas? Jack

  4. Good day. I am interested to franchise. Would you send me details and cost? Would appreciate your prompt response. Thanks

  5. Mulach Ensaymada may have a good product but as a supplier
    offering to your purchasing officer, you may want to keep your employees in check. Speaking to your purchasing officer regarding our line of product has been the rudest and ill entertaining person i’ve ever talked to. He may not be having a good day by the sound of his voice but after a second call, it was the same blunt response and traditional backward reply. Probably comes with age but even so, he shouldn’t have responded that way.

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