Massimo (Tagaytay)

Tagaytay is not exactly near Metro Manila, specially considering the added traffic brought about by the South Luzon Expressway [re]construction, and anyone must have a darn good reason to go up there. When somebody invited us to try Massimo’s, saying this “hidden” restaurant serves great Italian food, I figured that it’s reason enough to go back to Tagaytay.

Reason worthy of the trip, it was. Best goose liver I’ve tasted. The wagyu beef, gelato and whatever-those-foods-are-called. I can’t rattle off the names, but I can tell you they taste real good. (The trick is to bring someone who knows the food, then simply request him/her to order the best-tasting ones.)

Anyway, let me note that it isn’t easy looking for the place, which is surprisingly simple and unpretentious. Passing through the Sta. Rosa exit of SLEX, we reached Tagaytay at exactly noon, and since no one had a previous Massimo encounter, it took us another hour or so to look for it.

We had to settle down, check the place and look at the menu, then wait for our food, so it was way past lunchtime that we started our feast on fine Italian food and wine. Massimo’s is located at the entrance of Royal Pines Subdivision in Tagaytay, but to save you the trouble of going in circles looking for this restaurant, here’s the map. Bon appetit!

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