Mary Grace Cheese Roll (and Ensaymada): Love at First Bite

A cheese roll is, well, just a cheese roll. A cheese roll that you buy from any bakery would contain the same basic ingredient, cheese. Nothing new. Or so I thought.

Then I met Mary Grace. My wife introduced me to her, actually. I don’t need a conversation to keep me awake on the wheel in long drives. All I need is my music and enough food to last the trip. Chichirya and easy snack foods best serve the purpose. So as we were about to depart for Laiya, Batangas, I got my first bite of Mary Grace Cheese Roll.

This one has a huge hollow middle, the space where the cheese was lodged before it was melted. A huge hole means that they probably used a bigger chunk of cheese. That means a really full cheesy flavor, perfect for those who love cheese. I would prefer tasting the ensaymada first, so I could compare its taste with that of Must be Mom’s, Razon’s or Muhlach’s. But we don’t get to choose when we are the recipient of others’ generosity. Cheese Roll, it is.

I surmise that the dough in this Cheese Roll is like the ensaymada — the consistency and taste is like ensaymada, except that it has a real cheesy core. But until I sink my teeth on the real thing, this is just a guess.

And the only way to find out is to taste it. I was told there are outlets in Trinoma and The Block (SM City North EDSA). Maybe one of these days I could convince myself to go visit the mall. Or you could tell us if you’ve already tasted it.

Added: Well, after two long months of not thinking about the ensaymada, we again stumbled on Mary Grace at Trinoma, and thought the long wait is over. It’s time to check out the ensaymada of Mary Grace (no pun intended). We bought a six-ensaymada box, though I was allowed to taste only one. Blood sugar is high, unfortunately. Though that would not stop me from tasting the ensaymada. The verdict?

It’s a bit different from other ensaymada, say Must be Mom’s or Muhlach’s, primarily because the cheese on top is finely shredded (not strips). The saltiness of the cheese rushes the palate ahead of the sweetness, though it tastes ok when the sweetness subsequently catches up. While the dough is not as moist or soft as the other two mentioned, it tastes good. Except the packaging, I’d actually rank this lower than that of Must be Mom’s or Muhlach’s. Hmmm, maybe I’m mistaken. If only I could have another serving.

5 thoughts on “Mary Grace Cheese Roll (and Ensaymada): Love at First Bite”

  1. I love MG Cheese Roll too, I usually put it in microwave for few seconds to melt the cheese for a yummier taste! šŸ˜€

  2. @ Star, that’s a great tip and will try that when we’re not traveling. Perhaps just like great minds think alike, could we say great tummies feel alike? haha Should you happen to taste the ensaymada ahead of me, kindly give us a comparison. Thanks (and thanks for dropping by).

  3. i really love your cheese rolls and ensaymadas…got one problem? wish i could have them as often as i crave for them…im from pampanga…do you have any plans of putting a branch here in our place…

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