Manny Pacquiao defeats David Diaz

The robe of Diaz has the initial DDD, which stands for the Dangerous David Diaz. However, he looked anything but dangerous in his WBC lightweight championship defense against the Philippines’ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. In this championship fight dubbed “Lethal Combination,” it was Pacquiao that clearly threw the lethal combinations.

The Pacman is not known as the Mexican assassin in the boxing world for nothing. Indeed, after Manny defeated Morales, Barrera and other boxing greats of Mexico, who’s next? It’s clear, though, that Diaz is a clean fighter compared to the rest fought by Manny.

Manny PacquiaoThe Pacquiao I saw in today’s fight against Diaz is a totally different one, a far cry from what I saw when he was still an amateur fighter and even during his first few international fights. In this fight, Manny has shown the form of a true great champion. He was patient. He sways and ducks. He dances and moves around the ring. He throws great combinations. Heck, I still had a hard time seeing his fist even on slow motion during the 9th round, when he knocked-out Diaz with a power left at 2:24 minutes. Everyone could see the great physical condition of Diaz and his ability to take the punishment of Manny’s powerful blows, but Manny was simply the stronger and better fighter (if you haven’t seen the fight, you’d agree with me when you see the video, perhaps in youtube).

I was pleasantly surprised seeing Manny’s transformation in terms of defense. I’m no boxing expert, but I could see a different style of defense this time around. Diaz had a difficult time because, among other reasons, Manny would be gone by the time Diaz fist hits the air. Manny simply danced his way out of Diaz’ reach. What’s more impressive is that Manny would leave a “pabaon”, a jab or a strong blow while floating away. He connects while in the process of evading the punches of Diaz. It was the greatest form of Manny I have ever seen (on second thought, maybe it was the time Manny defeated Morales the second time around).

Mabuhay ka, Manny! Kaya mo, Pinoy. (Read also: Barrera Die-hard Praises Pacquiao for Gesture of Helping David Diaz.)

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